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Hard Surface Floor / Concrete Polishing

An important step in the care of both new and older hard surface and concrete floors. Concrete polishing simply removes the old and replaces it with new, shiny concrete.



High Speed Burnishing

This technique is best way to maintain floor finish shine. This process is done with a rotary machine that has a pad turning speed of more than 1000rpm. A burnishing floor finish makes a rich resilient  floor finish making it easier to keep clean.



Diamond Grinding

This technique corrects a variety of surface imperfections concrete floors. Diamond grinding is a concrete preservation technique that is typically performed in conjunction with other concrete preservation techniques.




Flooring Restoration

This is a task that takes on several different forms for several different reasons. From disasters to everyday wear and tear, we are trained to tackle all these situations.  Don’t give up on your flooring until you’ve talked to at least one flooring restoration professional.